Jailbreak iOS 13.5

Unc0ver iOS 13.5 Jailbreak

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JailbreakME Signing Status

Unc0ver Status + Grey App Fix

UNSIGNED! The certificate used to sign uncover has been revoked. Don't fret though, there remains a method to install unc0ver while the certificate is no longer signed.

More Info

Developed by hacker Pwn20wnd, Unc0ver enables users of A12 - A13 devices to Jailbreak iOS 13.5 and lower. It's a fast and simple jailbreak with classic Cydia.

JailbreakME FAQs

Can I Jailbreak iOS 13.5?

Astonishingly, yes. iOS 13.5, the latest signed iOS 13 release, is jailbreak-able with unc0ver. We do however expect this to be patched with the release of iOS 13.5.1 - so be quick.

What is Jailbreaking?

Put simply, jailbreaking enables root access on iOS. Once the user is given root access, anything is possible. But that by itself is too complex for most people who aren't savvy hackers/coders. That's why jailbreaks also come bundled with a GUI (graphical user interface) package installer. Inside Cydia (the default package installer for unc0ver), you'll be able to install tweaks. And that, in essence, is what jailbreaking is all about.

Why Should I Jailbreak?

Well, as mentioned above, jailbreaking is about freedom. Freedom to choose whta you install, outside of Apple's wall-gardend App Store, but it enables so much more than that. Dedicated tweak developers create packages that modify literally all elements of iOS 13, making your iPhone truly your iPhone. With jailbreaking, no two iOS 13 devices will likely be the same.

What are Tweaks?

"Tweak" is a broad term used to define any package obtained via Cydia that modifies your device. Tweaks can vary in function drastically. Some can enable new features, others modify existing features or even unlock/unrestrict existing ones. Again, the possibilties for customization are limitless with jailbreak tweaks on iOS 13.5.

Cydia's History

Cydia is over 10 years old. It launched prior to Appleā€™s own App Store. Aside from a few competitors, including the likes of Installer, Cydia was the only option for jailbreakers. There are other alternatives you can use, after all jailbreaking is about giving you options, but there's a reason pwn20wnd chose Cydia as the main default installer.